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Honor ✦ Excellence ✦ curiosity ✦ Celebration

The Eclipse is the student newspaper of East West School of International Studies located in Queens, New York; it is one of the main initiatives under Ewsis National English Honors Society which strives to highlight and celebrate language arts. Here at The Eclipse you can find articles written by our middle and high school staff about current events, sports, medias, school, and more. Beyond that, you can also find artwork, poems, features about amazing staff/students within EWSIS community and other forms of prose.

We hope to continue promoting the four pillars of our school, Honor, Excellence, Curiosity, and Celebration, through The Eclipse and serve as a form of unification and communication.

If you would like to work or write for us, please contact:

Co-Editor in Chief Taliyah Thomas: tthomas6188@ewsis.org

Co-Editor in Chief Christina Wong: cwong5159@ewsis.org

Webmistress Amy Koo: akoo1351@ewsis.org

Webmistress Emily Chen: echen1879@ewsis.org

NEHS Advisor Amy Matthusen: amatthusen@ewsis.org

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